About Mete®



Mete® Features;
  • Mete®, is an Independent Encrypted Digital Bond Coupon Currency  produced and distributed by The Mete Foundation®.
  • Mete®, can be distributed as Credit for projects by The Mete Foundation® Ltd. as the only authority world-widely.
  • The Mete Foundation® and The Mete Foundation® Ltd. are not a bank and cannot provide any banking services.
  • All distribution transfers of Mete® will be made only through Mete Wallet®. The only currency allowed in Mete Wallet® is Mete®. Mete® can be distributed or transferred between Mete Wallets®.


Mete® Credits
  • Mete® Credits, are absolutely Interest-free,
  • Mete® Credits, can only be used for invest to the projects of countries and companies,
  • Mete® Credits, can be paid back with Mete®, local monies, or products
  • Mete® Credits terms, are may be flexible based on nations and projects realities.


Mete® Donations
  • To humanitarian organizations for humanitarian projects,
  • For building schools and educational facilities,
  • For students to meet their educational expenses,
  • For all kind scientific projects and to build facilities,
  • To build a hospital for the people in need and to meet their health expenses,
  • For projects to improve the lives of kids and women,
  • For all kind projects to improve orphans’ lives,
  • For projects to improve the lives of immigrants,
  • For all kinds of development projects for poor countries,
  • For all kinds of projects for develop natural life development and protection.


Mete® for people
  • The Mete Foundation®; will distribute some amount free Mete® to the joined country citizens who had signed up accounts, gradually.