The Mete Monetary System®

As Mete Foundation®, we would like to see you as our member country of The Mete Monetary System®.

Our aim is to support your country and its economy with our credit and donation programs to built your national based economy, and do all necessary investments.

The Mete Foundation® does not sell money or doing any money business because of  The Mete Foundation® is not bank or banking system. But, it’s able to replace your national money with Mete®  if your government needs it. In this case, exchange rates are fixed forever.

The Mete Foundation®  makes all national monies valid for international basis because of Mete Monetary System® is international bridge currency.

The Mete Foundation® can provide printed national Mete®  beside Crypto Digital Mete®. This printed Mete® will only be valid on a country basis. However, this money can also be used for international trade by replacing it with the Mete® encrypted digital currency. This way The Mete Foundation® protects member nation's economy against the economical invasion or manipulation of other nations

The Mete Foundation® credits;

If there is no local company that can carry out the projects, all projects can be done by The Alperen® Group Companies. In this case, project and investment ownership will still remain to project owners. Because of The Mete Foundation® cannot be owner or partner of any projects or investments.

The Mete Foundation® donations;

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