The Mete Monetary System®

We are The Mete Foundation® who wants to support the human development and investment projects of countries and mandatory core industrial projects with our financial donations.

Mete Foundation® validates all national currencies internationally because Mete Monetary System® is the international bridge currency.

Due to the Mete Foundation® constitution, our aims to protect the local economy of each member country against economic invasion or manipulation by other nations.

The purpose of all of our donations is to help and support countries without any expectation. Also, due to The Mete Foundation® constitution, it cannot be the owner or partner of any project or investment.

Donations and credits are for your country only and to create national mandatory core industries. Due to the Mete Foundation® constitution, we want every country to have mandatory core industries. For this reason, our donations cannot be used in projects and investments in another country. Projects must be local and national and ownership in your country.

The projects will be financed by Mete Monetary System®. Due to the Mete Monetary System® constitution, The Mete Monetary System® does not belong to any government or banking system and as a standalone system it has been disconnected from these systems. Therefore, all countries and companies can use this money freely and easily on a national and international basis.

Since we want to support the local core industrial economy, all projects should be carried out by local companies as much as possible. If there is no local company that can carry out the projects, all projects will be carried out by partner companies that your government will establish with The Alperen® Group companies. Or by The Alperen® Group Companies will be carried out alone. In this case, the full ownership of the projects and investments will still belong to your country.

The Mete Foundation®â€™s National Currency Swapping Program with Mete®;

The Mete Foundation® donations in general;

In addition, we can also finance your national necessary core projects through The Mete Foundation® Ltd.

The Mete Foundation® Ltd. credits in generals;

In particular, any emergency humanitarian project (non-religious projects) is immediately accepted.