The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank®

Afro & Eurasia Central Bank® Inc., was established to operate as a "Security House" for the benefit of the Mete Monetary System® and related transactions. 

  • The Afro & Eurasian Central Bank® helps governments or local companies export and import freely through the Mete Monetary System®.
  • Afro & Eurasian Central Bank® provides instant investment loans to governments, companies and individuals.
  • Afro & Eurasia Central Bank® provides instant project loans to local companies.


The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank® credits in general;

  • It is absolutely interest-free and fee-free.
  • Credits can be repaid with Mete®, products, and local currency.
  • In general, all credits have a 5-year grace period and a 5-year repayment period. Also, credit conditions may be more flexible depending on the country and project facts.
  • Credits are for your country, local companies and / or government companies only,
  • Credits are for National-based civil and defense projects and / or investments only.

In addition, we can also finance your national necessary core projects through The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank®.

The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank® donations in general;

  • All kind of humanitarian projects,
  • All kind of education projects and investments such as;
    • building schools and educational facilities,
    • In order for students to cover their education expenses,
    • all kind of scientific projects and facility construction,
  • All kind of health projects and investments such as;
    • Building hospitals and meeting health expenses for those in need,
  • All kind of projects aimed at improving the lives of children and women,
  • All kinds of projects for the development and protection of natural life.


In particular, any emergency humanitarian project (non-religious projects) is immediately accepted.